Republican Town Committee Members

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NameElected and Non-elected Positions
NameElected and Non-elected Positions
Ackert, Timothy J. State Representative 8th District 
Ackert, Teddie S.   
Barrette, Harvey R. Jr. Inland Wetlands Commission & Building Code of Appeals 
Brodersen, Gayle   
Chipkin, Carol  Zoning Board of Appeals 
Chipkin, Robert  Insurance Advisory Committee 
Infante, Frank  Board of Education 
Infante, Pamela J  
McGough, Carol B.  
Pollansky, Darby  Planning and Zoning Commission 
Ries, Jean T   
Thomas, Karl Erich   
Williams, Richard Lloyd   
Griswold, Michael Eric   
Brodersen, Andrew   
Chicoine, Raymond D.   
James Houlberg  
Pope, Inge  Republican Deputy Registrar of Voters 
Sewell, Pamela S.  Republican Registrar of Voters 
O'Brien, Matthew David Jr. RTC Chairman 
O'Brien, Matthew D.  Town Council 
Blanchard, Julie  Town Council - RTC Vice Chairman 
Debowska, Monika  RTC Secretary 
Showing 24 items