2017 Republican Candidates & Platform


Married with 4 adult children, Associate’s Degree, Paralegal, Office Manager, Owner of Multiple Small Businesses

•  Current Town Council Chairwoman

• Served on the Board of Education

Julie has the level-headedness, business sense, and experience to continue to make Coventry a great place to live. She will continue to act responsibly, listen to everyone’s opinions, and make the right decisions for the community. 

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their government.” – Thomas Jefferson


Married with 3 sons and has lived in Coventry for 47 years. Bachelor’s Degree (Gordon College) Advanced education in business and IT through United Technologies, 40-year UTC employee specializing in procurement and IT

•  Current Town Council Member                                           

• Served 4 terms on Town Council, 3 as chairman of the Finance Committee, 1 term on Board of Education

For the last two years of his service on the Town Council, Andy has worked diligently with full success in meeting the Council’s goals for our town. He will continue to serve Coventry residents first even through the significant challenges ahead. He is always available to the public for questions or input.


Married with 3 children and has lived in Coventry since 1990. Bachelor of Science (Notre Dame) MBA – Healthcare Management & Finance (BU) Over 30 years as a Small Business Owner – Executive Recruiter for Healthcare/Insurance Executives

•  Current Town Council Vice Chair & Chairman of Finance Committee                                         

• Served 4 terms on Town Council, 3 as chairman of the Finance Committee, 1 term on Board of Education 

Matt has extensive business experience, and the strong financial and analytical skills that enable him to effectively analyze the needs of the community and shape the proposals that come before the Council

“If we are going to do it, let’s do it right the first time.”


Married with 2 children, Successful small business owner

-Established the open space fund to protect Coventry’s rural character

-Spearheaded the drive to “dump the green bags”

Current Town Council Member           

• Has served 2 terms on the Board of Education, one as Vice Chair and one as a member of the Finance Committee                                                 

• Has served 2 terms on the Town Council

Richard is looking forward to continuing to use his small business experience to keep the work of the Council clear, simple, and on a path forward for the people of Coventry.

“I will always work to keep everything open and transparent in government.”


Married with 2 girls: Aliza 7, and Zoey 5, Bachelor of Science (University of New Hampshire), Business Manager

-2x recipient of Connecticut Association Boards of Education Leadership Award

Current Board of Education Member          

• Has served for 4 years on Board of Ed         

• Chair of the Finance & Transportation Committees

Mike is proud of the accomplishments that have been made while serving on the Board of Education for the past 2 terms. He has played an integral role in helping the Board function collaboratively and respectfully. He looks forward to bringing his positive and productive mindset and behavior with him to the Town Council.

“I thank you for your trust and support in me over the last 4 years on the Board of Education. I look forward to continuing to advocate for our schools from the other side of the table on the Town Council.”


Married with 2 children, Bachelor of Arts (UCONN), Law Degree (UCONN)

Worked as an attorney for a number of years in civil litigation both in corporate and private practice. Currently as Second Vice President in the claim organization of a major insurance company.

Current Board of Education Member

• Has served as BOE secretary

Mary is committed to the children of Coventry and dedicated to making our schools the best we possibly can for them.


Married with 2 sons and 3 granddaughters and has lived in Coventry for 12 years. BS, MS, 6th year advanced certification in education and education management, 48 years’ experience in public education as a parent, teacher, school administrator, and Board of Education Member

Current Board of Education Chairman                                                        

• Has served 3 terms on BOE

William believes in ensuring that educational costs are reasonable and produce the highest possible results. He has a keen understanding and experience with how school boards in highly successful school systems operate, and has the knowledge we need in all aspects of school management including facilities and budget. 

“I will continue to work to ensure that our students have a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment with high standards of student achievement.”


Married with 4 children, Studying Accounting at ECSU, 23 years service in CT Army National Guard, Part time Tax Accountant

Jim believes in always treating others with the dignity and respect they deserve, and looks for common ground to build bridges.

He prides himself in his ability to listen to different perspectives and work with colleagues to move forward on common objectives. 

“I love this town and want what’s best for it. I genuinely care about the present and future of our community. I believe we can find ways to be fiscally responsible and still maintain all the things we love about Coventry.”


Current Board of Education Member

Frank is a strong advocate for public education with a wide range of experience in planning, budgeting and accountability from a multi-faceted career in real estate finance, building remodeling and business management.

- 2017 Coventry Republican Campaign Platform -



Our Belief


       The Coventry Republican Party and candidates for election believe in a bright future for Coventry, they believe in the wisdom of the people, and their commitment to family life in a rural environment. Our candidates believe in the generosity of the human spirit, in sharing their experience and talents for the good of our community, so that we all may share in a brighter future.

Our Principles

  • We believe less taxation is better for families.

  • We believe a smaller government is a more efficient government.

  • We believe government has a responsibility to protect our natural resources and our citizens.

  • We believe in the accountability of our public schools to ensure that public funds are spent wisely.

  • We believe every student has a right to a quality education.

  • We believe in equality and the protection of our constitutionally recognized rights.

  • We believe in the private property rights of all individuals and respect for the rule of law.
  • We believe the economic strength of Coventry is enhanced when we support local business and expand local economic opportunities.

  • We believe the strength in our community is found in our families, in our diversity, in our rich cultural history, and in our national heritage. We believe it is our responsibility as citizens to contribute our talents to enrich our community and deliver a brighter future for the next generation.

Committed To Excellence For You,

 For The Future Of Coventry

Paid for by the Republican Town Committee Robert Chipkin Treasurer, approved by Matt O'Brien, Chairman